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Roku TV Disrupts Nothing, Which May Make it the Smartest Smart TV Yet



By Adriana Lee

Disruption is overrated. Just ask Roku. The device maker doesn’t want to change the game; it likes its game just fine, thank you very much. And that’s why the streaming device maker hasn’t gone back to the drawing board with its very first lineup of smart TVs, announced late Tuesday night.

These televisions, manufactured by TCL and Hisense, are pretty much what Roku first showed off last January at the Consumer Electronics Show: These are flat-screen Wi-Fi-equipped televisions with a Roku streaming box crammed inside.

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The ‘Smartwatch’ era is coming!

Since its launch in June, GEAK Watch, the first “Smartwatch” by Chinese tech company iGeak, has become the bright spot in China’s hi-tech industry. Used independently from the mobile phone, the new ‘second-screen’ is likely to get tech-lovers buzzing.

Meanwhile Motorola Mobility’s Moto 360 smartwatch is also due for it’s official launch. After several tease previews and a guest appearances at Google’s I/O developer conference in June, the ‘smartwatch’ will get a proper debut on September 4.

Still, Motorola has picked a busy period for its launch event. It comes a day after Samsung’s splashy, three-city Unpacked event, with Samsung expected to unveil the Galaxy Note 4, a virtual reality device, along with another smartwatch.

The week after, Apple is also expected to unveil the new iPhone6, while online rumors on the iWatch say its release date could also be in September.

However these Smartwatch models will not be the first of its kind to be released. The device’s debut actually dates back to 1977, when HP launched the world’s first smartwatch, the HP-01, which had functions including calendar, calculator, calculagraph and basic data storage.

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